Plectocomia elongata

Fatyah Arfah, Lutfiyah, Nurliana, Rodhiyah

Kingdom : Plantae – Plants
Phylum : Tracheophyta – Vascular Plants
Class : Liliopsida
Order : Arecales
Family : Noctuoidea
Genus : Plectocomia
Specific epithet : elongata – Mart. ex Blume
Botanical name : Plectocomia elongata Mart. ex Blume

Inflorescences unisexual, diouceous, terminal, seemingly simply branched, but actually pluribranchiate, at first enveloped by several primary tubular spathed; lateral spiciform, long, basally surrounded by elongated secondary spathed, upwards studded with imbricate, more or less cupular-navycular, short spathes bearing in their axils the flowers which are grouped into solitary, short, usually simple spikelets.
Single flowers in axil of small bract, 3-merous;
♂: spikelets, flowers in pairs, calyx largely connate, corolla much large, 3-fit to the near the base, valvate stamens usually 6; filament partly united into a ring, the free portion short, anthers rather narrow.
♀: spikelets bearing much less flowers than ♂, flowers larger, pedicellets; calyx cup-shape, lobes; corolla much longer, ventricose in lower half, 3-fids; staminodes 6, resembling stamen; ovary lepidote, at first 3-celled, 3-ovuled; style short or absent, stigmas 3, terminal also in fruit.
Fruit dry; pericarp thin, loricate, 1-celled, usually 1-seeded. Seed enveloped by more or less freshy testa, endosperm white, leaves spirally arranged, simply pinnate, mature cirriferous, aculeate; sheath elongated, without flagellum, leaf-segments numerous, linear-lanceolate. Armed, monocarpic lianas.
The first part is concerned with the palms of South Asia, i.e. India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka; and to a minor degree with Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim. Part two covers Southeast Asian palms and includes the countries from Myanmar eastward to Indonesia and the Philippines, and southern China. This species mostly found in South-East Asia especially in Indonesia. We found them in groups on terrestrial land of Mt Gede pangarango.

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