Macaranga triloba

Detty Yosiyandari, Dita Monalisa, Elsa Novrita Sari, Evi Kusumastuty, Irfanul Arifin, Maryam Jameelah

Scientific Classification
Kingdom : Plantae
Division : Magnoliophyta
Class : Magnoliopsida
Order : Euphorbiales
Family : Euphorbiaceae
Subfamily : Acalyphoideae
Genus : Macaranga
Species : Macaranga triloba

Scientific Description
Habit : Shrub or tree.

Leaves : Leave with 3-5 triangular-ovate, acuminate lobes, glandular-dentate ( glands cup-shaped) densenly hairy, after-wards globrous above, 10-40 cm by 9-36 cm; petiole 8-28 cm.

Flowers : ♂; inflorescences glabrous, or hairy towards the apex, glandular, 10-32; pedicels strongly thickened at apex + 1 mm; perianth + mm long; lobes dorsally papillose; ♀; inflorescences hairy when young, afterwards glabrous, 5-10 cm, flower sessile; perianth cup-shaped, nearly entire, hairy, glandular without, 1 mm long; ovary obconical, truncate, angular; styles connate into an ovoid, hollow-body; stigmas erect; , Stamen 1.
Fruits : fruit 4-6 celled, with 4-6 erecto-patent, coarse, soft prickles, 6-7 mm by 1-1 cm.
Seeds : seeds 4 mm across; subglobose, usually arillate.

Another Organs : Stipules ovate-elliptic, 7-12 by 5–10 mm, spreading to recurved, not appressed to stem.

Sumatra (including Bangka), Java (type), Malay Peninsula, Cambodia, South Vietnam
Habitat : E c o l o g y.— In primary and secondary tropical and subtropical forests, mainly in lowlands.
Location : It was found in moist land at Cipelang, Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, West Java, Indonesia.

Backer, A. & R.C. Bakhuizen Van Den Brink JR. 1965. Flora of Java (spermatophytes only) vol. I. Groningen, N.V.P. Noordhoff, xxiii+648 hlm.

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